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English: This poster provides a good visual of...

English: This poster provides a good visual of the standard Agile Software Development methodology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At Xtream, we view services as a function of the technologies that will inevitably become the technology stack within your organization.  Most technology organizations have been growing based on the functional needs of the business units.  The advantage of that is of course, the business unit gets exactly what they want.  The drawback? It will now take a great deal more effort to develop the platforms to unify and integrate the data to really leverage the insight and analytics contained in that very data the company has worked so rigorously to collect.

Xtream has studied this development in great detail, and has developed a philosophy built around the Agile methodology to resolve this issue.  First, let’s analyze the biggest challenges that must be overcome when approaching an outsourced development process with a new company.

1)  Data Security – this is definitely, bar none, one of the biggest challenges.


2)  Complexity of current functionality and technology leading to a very steep learning curve.

Xtream’s answer to these obstacles come in the direction we like to take our clients with respect to how they utilize human resoures around the technology stack. You see, every company has an architect that usually designs a solid system, but that becomes increasingly difficult to implement because, 99% of the time, the current technology stack and systems maintenance is so robust, it requires all of the bandwidth of the limited engineers currently available to the company.

What does that usually lead to?  Well, it usually means that the company then invests in or investigates a great deal of vendor software that promises to allow the business user to build functionality, but, and this is a very big BUT, it just doesn’t quite get there.

At Xtream, we understand this pain point, and do our best to assist in you coordinating our team with yours in order to get your division to a point where they are building real platforms, that enable the business users to realistically take their work to the next level.

This sounds nice, but how does it work in practicality?

On the Platform side, the following axioms hold true:

1)  Computer scientists and data engineers, in the real definition of the terms, are needed to understand the master data layer and transform it for functional use.

2) Then a layer of techno-functional specialists are needed to configure the systems for proper use by the business user.

3)  Interfaces must be designed and constructed in a way that effortlessly encourages the business user to optimize the functionality of system for their exact need.

When new IT projects are designed and put into the Project pipeline, these axioms are the fundamental challenges that must be overcome.  The team that best understands the functional needs of the business users must be available to maintain the current systems in production, so as it not disrupt current production.  Thus, the most capable functional talent needed to develop the new set of platforms are the ones that are predisposed.  At Xtream, we know that whether we are working with you to maintain your existing stack, or working with you to develop the new stack, the following rules must be adhered to in order to acheive success:

1) We must understanding, document, and be able to reconstruct the vision of  functionality and business objectives required by the business.

2)  At the development level, truly understanding how to build stored procedures, UI/UX, and web services within your environment is crucial.

3) ETL is an absolute must.

4) Testing, Testing, and More Testing.  And when we say testing, we mean automated testing.

When reading about any of our service offerings, please know that the underlying assumptions that we take into any prospective project is that the challenges discussed above are the core problems all of our engineers are engaged to solve, whether they are .Net, Java, or PHP developers on the front end, database engineers responsible for the stored procedures and database development on the back end, or business analysts and testers working hand in hand with the business users.

We ensure that the team you get from us is a team that understands their role in the real service you are looking to provide: The service of leveraging emerging technology to take the business to the next level.

That’s our Service Philosophy.  That’s Xtream.

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