Basho, the company behind the Riak CS distributed object store, is  joining the Apache CloudStack Project and will work to  integrate its storage with the CloudStack open-source cloud platform.The company is contributing some, but not all, of the code to the project. CloudStack is the cloud platform backed by Citrix(s ctrx) as a rival to the OpenStack cloud and Basho will work with Citrix on this integration.

With Amazon(s amzn) S3 storage dominating the market for public cloud storage, an array of service providers and enterprises are looking for API-compatible options. That’s where Riak CS comes in.

Basho CTO Justin Sheehy said Riak CS works with OpenStack now and will continue to do so — but the OpenStack project includes its own Swift storage technology. Customers, however, can plug in whatever storage they want as needed. “A very large Fortune 25 telecom company is using OpenStack compute and Riak CS instead of…

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