5 ways big data is transforming everyday life

At Xtream, Apache is our playground, and Big Data, our jungle gym.


In the tech world, we often talk about how big data is remaking big business. But photojournalist Rick Smolan wants us to pay attention to how it’s transforming everything else.

The former National Geographic and TIME photographer, who is best known for the Day in the Life book series, has spent his career using imagery to document -– and inspire reflection about -– the changing world.

In his latest project, The Human Face of Big Data, he shares more than 100 stories (culled from an initial list of 1,000) that reveal the concrete, mind-blowingly powerful ways big data is changing how we consume energy, receive healthcare, monitor animal migration, track the weather and more.

As my colleague Derrick Harris recently wrote, the project doesn’t just include a book, but iOS and Android apps that collect data from people around the world and then let users compare information on…

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