Data visualization in the marketing research industry

Bitsy from GFK started talking about the Honomichl Top 50. She showed us some cool visualizations that were used by the AMA.

Of course, you can’t write a market research post without talking about PowerPoint decks. She is hitting all the core elements. Art, marketing, analysis, journalism, integrated with form, function, facts, and storytelling.

She then goes on to discuss Deter Rams is an inspirational figure. “Good design is as little design as possible.” I can imagine that google took that philosophy from early on. John Tukey, another key inspiration, really emphasized the wholistic, spatial view of data. He was one of the fathers of data visualization. Learning from the best. Loving it.

Guiding principles for data visualization for data driven organizations:

– Variety of Values – you get what you pay for.
– Variety of Audiences, thus frameworks must be consistent
– Variety of Goals, “can’t solve a problem you don’t understand”

Amazing. She is talking about results, surveys, reports. Speaking our language. How awesome is that.

Bottom line, and I quote:

Gotta hack the d3 library.
Gotta hack some java code.
And present something amazingly visual.

It’s important to understand if a company is metric driven, or data driven. There is a difference. Thus, you have to understand your audience at the layer of abstraction where they work best, givinig them opportunity to explore with a consistent framework.

Loved her presentation. At Xtream, we love technology. We love marketing research.

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