Sigfox picks up €15M to expand its dedicated internet-of-things network

The Internet of Things is definitely something to keep an eye on. How is BYOD and IoT going to merge in Enterprise at the next level?


The French internet of things startup Sigfox has taken €15 million ($21 million) in new funding, to allow it to continue its international expansion.

Sigfox is a network operator of sorts, having designed a wireless architecture that’s purely for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Its network already covers almost a million square kilometres in Europe. The ultra narrow band system can only handle tiny amounts of data, but its focus on this scenario means the hardware using its protocol can be very cheap and very low-powered.

We’re talking about chunks of data that are so tiny that even old-school 2G mobile networks can be seen as overkill – think a smoke detector that only sends out a signal when there’s smoke, or a vending machine that only communicates when it needs to notify someone to fill it.

Because the demands are so low, Sigfox rolls out networks that are dedicated to…

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