Originally posted on Gigaom:
It’s clear that Wal-Mart Stores (s wmt) wants to stay on top as a major online retailer in the United States and abroad, as it takes steps to turn stores into fulfillment centers and bolster its virtual capabilities. What hasn’t been clear is how that transition will look, or how long…

Once again proving that technology is all about talented, passionate, spirited, technologists.


The business intelligence gathered from Wifi’ing the Showroom Changes are coming to the retail world.  Big changes.  And at Xtream, it’s vital for us to keep track of those changes, as we continue to fine tune our delivery of products and services to the Retail Marketing industries and their core data aggregators, the MSPs and […]

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Maybe this is just news to me, but IBM has a SQL-on-Hadoop product in the works called Big SQL. The company announced the technology preview version in March (well under my radar and, from what I’ve seen, nearly everyone else’s radar), and is offering up a cloud-based demo environment for a…

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Expectations surrounding the future of  big data range from the just huge to absolutely enormous – a reflection perhaps of both its real inherent potential and all the massive hype. Certainly though there is no dispute that companies can reap big benefits from exploring patterns found in the data they already…

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